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  • Joakim Hilj

    Joakim Hilj

    Entrepreneurial mindset. Professionally working at Salesforce. Based in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Sebastian Fuchs

    Sebastian Fuchs

    ᕕ( ಠ‿ಠ)ᕗ father, co-founder/ceo @SUP_46 former BD/Growth @stripe & @ZnipeTV #Sthlmtech #NordicMade #Startups

  • Jonas Nicklas

    Jonas Nicklas

    Freelance software developer. Open source enthusiast. Creator of Capybara, CarrierWave, Turnip and Serenade.js among others.

  • Michael Weinstock

    Michael Weinstock

  • Steve Dalton

    Steve Dalton

    @secludedio, @gctechspace, @refactor & @wearableworld. #AgTech, Cloud, #InternetOfThings, Tech Freedom Advocate, Proud Hacker, Free Thinker, Geek Dad

  • Olly Duffle

    Olly Duffle

  • Steven Cooper

    Steven Cooper

    API and Platform Evangelist Telstra TelstraDev. Seasoned Dev/Ops/CTO/Maker/Geek/Gamer. International Speaker/MC. Hackathon Mentor/Judge. Prev XeroDev PayPalDev

  • Zapier


    Zapier gives you internet superpowers. Connect your apps and automate tasks.

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