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  • Steve RAFFNER

    Steve RAFFNER

    Agent Innovation @steveraffner

  • Gustav Westling

    Gustav Westling

    Programmer. Developer. Doing stuff-er.

  • Claudio Bosco

    Claudio Bosco

    Co-Founder & COO at in London

  • Bjoern Boettcher

    Bjoern Boettcher

    Senior Analyst & Data Practice Lead @ Crisp Research | Covering Big Data, Container, Event-driven Architectures, Cloud native and AI

  • Jean carl COHEN

    Jean carl COHEN

    Entrepreneur I Investor I Crypto passionate I SMS API & SaaS IPP Solar energy France ...

  • Suneet Chandna

    Suneet Chandna

  • John Jackson

    John Jackson

    Founder of Flow XO, making smart cross-platform chatbots simple.

  • Erik Starck

    Erik Starck

    I help companies lean forward, build awesome products and seek impact.

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