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This quick guide will demonstrate how to create a simple PHP script to automate weekly SMS send-outs.

What you will accomplish…

Every Saturday at 8 am an SMS is automatically sent to all gym members with a link to a schedule of the coming week’s class schedule.

What you need to follow this guide…

Let’s get started🚀

Create a PHP file that sends SMS

This PHP file sends a preset message to a defined list of recipients. In your code editor, create a PHP file and copy the code so it looks like the example below, except with your 46elks authorization details where indicated by comments.

Parts of a cron command


App and data security have been a big issue for developers for a while now and it’s only getting more important. With millions of applications available online and millions more through the Apple and Google app marketplaces, the opportunity for individuals engaged in cybercrime is massive. If there was a time to add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your applications, it is now.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an essential first step to securing your mobile application and if you are not doing this in 2020, you need to start. Using the 46elks API to send one-time passwords to your users is…

This is a story of how we got T-shirts into the hands of eager Trainhack participants despite forgetting to ask for T-shirt size in the registration form. It’s a nice showcase of how easy it is to automatically collect feedback using SMS. Of course, you can ask for feedback about other things than T-shirt sizes… we just really like T-shirts.

Previously we have written about how to receive SMS and store them in a Google Sheet as well as how to send SMS from a Google Spreadsheet. In this third part of the SMS & Google Sheets mini series we will cover how to schedule sending SMS from Google Spreadsheets.


Set everything up according to the send SMS from Google Spreadsheet tutorial. What you will do there is create a 46elks account, create a Google Spreadsheet and copy/paste some code to send SMS. Once that is done you are ready to start scheduling SMS. …

På Microsoft Tech Days i Stockholm kunde alla deltagare be en expert om hjälp med Azure, Windows, Office eller säkerhet. Dessa experter var väldigt upptagna under hela konferensen och kunde inte sitta och vänta på att någon hade frågor, så Microsoft byggde en applikation där deltagare kunde klicka på en knapp för att kalla på en expert. Lösningen implementerades med .NET, Microsoft Flow, Flicknappar och 46elks SMS API.

Spindeln i nätet är en .NET-applikation som koordinerar allt. I dess databas finns listor på experter för varje ämne. …

At Microsoft Tech Days in Stockholm attendees could ask experts for help with Azure, Windows, Office or Security. To enable these experts to be fully productive during the conference and not have to sit and wait for questions to come in, Microsoft built an application that let attendees press a button to get assistance from an expert. This was built with .NET, Microsoft Flow, Flic buttons and the 46elks SMS API.

The core of the solution is a .NET application that coordinates everything. In its database it has lists of experts for each subject. …

You have a Google spreadsheet containing the names and phone numbers of people and would like to send them a text message (SMS).

This tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming or custom telephony. If you like to code we highly recommend that you check out our API over at

1. Create a 46elks account

First off, you’re going to register an account at 46elks. 46elks lets your applications send and receive SMS, MMS and voice calls over the internet . We’ll be using the SMS features in this tutorial.

Once you’ve created your account you’ll be sent to the Dashboard. …

You want a phone number that can receive sms and forward them into a Google Sheet. You’re in the right place! This tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming or custom telephony. If you like to code we highly recommend that you check out our API over at

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Setup a 46elks phone number

First off, you’re going to register an account at 46elks and get yourself one of our phone numbers. Go here to create an account. Once you’ve registered and logged in you’ll be taken to the Dashboard. Click “Numbers”, choose your country and click “Choose”. …

Small victories and the need for motivation

In previous articles (here and here) we’ve spoken about the joy of side projects and how the web app Signup came to be. Staying on the same train of thought, today we’re going to talk to you about small victories and motivation (as one could guess from the title).

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably familiar with the apparent joy of the players every time they score a goal. …

Ambitious projects are both challenging and exciting. Most of us can relate to the feeling of excitement when you get to work, knowing you will get one step closer towards perfecting your product. And while it is undoubtedly exhilarating, in no way is this road paved with roses. It can be scarily easy to fall victim to tunnel vision or lose your focus, alongside curiosity. This is where Signup comes into play: it is a simple service that reminds you to cherish small victories, one subscriber at a time.

What does it do

With Signup you can get a text…


Telecom infrastructure for web. Built by happy developers in Uppsala, Sweden.

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